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Our Services Newsorb360
Our Services Newsorb360

Learning On All These Categories

Digital Marketing Learning

Social Media Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Video Marketing
On Air / Radio advertising
Facebook handling
Google My Business handling
LinkedIn handling
Twitter Handling
Instagram Handling
WhatsApp group and broadcast messages
( promotional graphics, promotional content, groups for your business, promotional gif, promotional post )

Creative Content Writing Learning

Casual writing style (easily understand by your customer)
Attract attention of target audience
Increase brand awareness or credibility
Demographics of visitors
Sources of traffic (i.e., SEO, social media, referral, direct)
Press Release (if needed)

Video Making / Marketing Learning

Create Promotional video
Create video to enhance the image
Create video to build relation with your audience
Create video to engage your audience

Infographics Learning

Present information quickly and clearly
Graphic visual representations of information or data
Convey information quickly to the masses in pictorial form
Large amounts of information which will be more easily absorbed by the audience
Communicating with potential audience