Wild Indian TV shows known to be stupid


Indian Television shows has mostly been known to be stupid. With ridiculous dialogues and even more ridiculous plot lines, it is fair to assume that Indian daily soaps really are. You will notice that almost all these Indian shows feature somebody falling off a cliff and into a river; being presumably dead but floating to the shore of a village (and probably losing their memory but remembering everything later). Here are examples of some of the craziest, weirdest Indian shows ever; you can watch them if you’re (secretly) a sucker for bad content just like me. –

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Rakhi ka Insaaf- I wish I could say I was making this up. But this show is basically Aap ki Adaalat, but Rakhi Sawant is the Insaaf-provider. I’m just as confused as you are. Just go to Youtube, search Rakhi ka Insaaf full episodes and watch the third video to torture yourself with a small clip from the show. The name of the clip in itself gives one enough material for a different post altogether. Also, the audience chanting Rakhi’s name every time the show begins? Sign me up right now (Yea, no kidding, I sat through a whole episode and I’m going to pretend I did it to be able to warn you but y’all know my secret now)

Wild Indian TV series-NewsORB360

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya- First of all, WHO WASHES A LAPTOP? WITH SOAP? Even if you ignore that, the time lapses are impossible. In 2014, there was a jump of 8 years; in 2015, the show jumped 10 years and then 5 more years had passed by 2016. But somehow, magically, they’re all still the same age. Now I understand I don’t know a lot about space-time concepts, or even physics for that matter. And I get if you won’t take a humanities student’s logic in a discussion about space-time and how it affects aging. But what. How.

Wild Indian TV series-NewsORB360

Dil Se Dil Tak- So here’s the simplified plotline of the show for you to be able to understand exactly how wild this is. A man and a woman are in love, they wish to get married. But their families say NO, because love marriage, what will people say, this is too modern, don’t break Indian tradition. But they end up getting married, then slapped, then kicked out of the house. They eventually make up. Now they want a surrogate. But the family says NO, because surrogacy, what will people say, this is too modern for us, don’t break tradition, etc. But then they come around to the idea. And you think they’re done because why do you need more drama. BUT NOOOOOOO. The wife gets some terminal disease; so, as any rational woman would do, SHE ASKS HER HUSBAND TO MARRY THE SURROGATE. The husband, obviously says yes. On the wedding day, the wife reappears and the disease is somehow magically cured. But it still doesn’t end here. The man is now in love with both women. So, and this is a completely apt depiction of what anybody would do. Both women decide to spend their lives as his wives. Now I would get it if the guy were Chris Hemsworth, but he’s not. I’m done.

Wild Indian TV series-NewsORB360

Indian Shows Pehredaar Piya Ki- I couldn’t even get myself to watch this. An 18- year- old girl, marries a 9- year- old boy because it was someone’s last wish. I know I’ve said this before, but WHAT?

I want you to sit down before you read the last item on my list

Wild Indian TV series-NewsORB360

CID- I went through a lot of lists of strange Indian shows for this post, and more lists than I’d like to believe had this show on them. And I know, you will probably agree, but I don’t think I will ever pass up a chance to binge-watch CID with anybody; it’s the perfect date. IT’S THE MOST INDIAN ENTERTAINING STUFF EVER. Just hear me out. A man licks a powder (yes, evidence), and 100% knows its drugs. Actually had me consider taking science and becoming a forensic scientist for a second there. A girl jumps off a building, an officer jumps after her, another officer throws a rope after him, and two more are now pulling the rope; and everybody survives this stunt. -So I will not sit here and watch anybody disrespect the best detective in the history of detective Indian shows. It’s the OG Brooklyn nine-nine and you cannot change my mind Insert emoji with smoke coming out of its nose. yes, I might’ve been slightly sarcastic with this last point

Also, a shoutout to Sasural Simar ka, Thapki Pyaar ki, Diya Aur Baati Hum, Bigg Boss, and Naagin, to name a few more.


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